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Espresso Cups 2.7 0z (80ml)

HOT COFFEE FOR LONGER. NO BURNS. Thermally insulated to reduce heat transfer to the hand.

COLDER DRINKS THAT MAKE THE ICE LAST. This double wall protection keeps the ice solid and your drink cold.

LASTS FOR YEARS. Virtually indestructible Stainless Steel. Double walled insulation demitasse mug.

ESPRESSO OR SHORT BLACK SIZE. Perfect size for piccolo latte. Fits exact quantity for the perfect ristretto. The best macchiato ever.

GORGEOUS AND STURDY. Impress at formal dinner events and then wow them for glamorous patio parties.

Coffee Canister Coffee Container Airtight - Large Stainless Steel Coffee Storage Vault - Coffee Canister with Scoop - Coffee Bean Container with CO2 Valve to Keep Beans Fresh - 1lb - Zurich

LOVE FRESH COFFEE? Keep it safe cup after cup! Secure the taste hold time still and secure your delicate coffee from damage with this coffee bean container

VAULT DESIGNED FOR COFFEE STORAGE Locks out light oxygen and moisture with one-way valve providing sealed container protection while allowing CO2 to vent

NO MORE SPILT COFFEE GROUNDS Throw out those fiddly coffee packets. Coffee Canister with spoon for exact coffee measure every time

COFFEE ALWAYS IN DATE The date wheel on the lid lets you keep track of your coffee's roasted or expiry date. Store 500g of roasted coffee beans or 600g freshly ground coffee

BUY 2 PROMOTION Get your second canister to keep coffee beans, ground coffee or decaf coffee. 10% OFF TOTAL PURCHASE. See Discount Code Below. Stay fresher for longer

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